"Knowledge Is Change and Development." K. DaMon Blackmon

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Helping our youth through partnerships

If efforts of increasing development opportunities and achieving  our mission, FMM  has partnered with Camp S.E.N.A.H.4Life and Just BE, LLC. Collectively we believe the preparation for youth and young adults now propels a successful path for the future.

Partnership benefits:

  • Serving children from Kindergarten to twelfth grades
  • Offering sessions when school is out, weekends and summer sessions
  • Access to more speakers and special field trips
  • Exposure to opportunities for small and large scholarships
  • Assist in identifying education and career paths based on talents
  • Preparing young people to become leaders
  • High school participants will have more opportunities for developing verbal and written skill in roles as peer mentors, leaders, activity facilitators and leading community advocacy efforts.

Our Mission: To Be The Best We Can Be.

Future Mountain Movers’ Leadership Development Programs provides young people the developmental skills and support system needed to transition from boys and girls to young adults ready for college or career. 


Our Vision: Building great leaders builds better communities. 

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