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Our Mission: To Be The Best We Can Be.

Future Mountain Movers’ Leadership Programs provides young people the developmental skills and support system needed to transition from boys and girls to young adults ready for college and career.

If efforts of increasing development opportunities and achieving our mission, FMM has partnered with Camp S.E.N.A.H.4Life and Just BE, LLC. Collectively we believe the preparation for youth and young adults now propels a successful path for the future.

Children have the opportunity to lead their peers through their own talents whether it's painting, building LEGO bots, running track, or improv. They can simply be themselves. This camp will be a safe haven to simply just "be you!"

Serving youth in grades K-6, Camp S.E.N.A.H. is a virtual camp that creates a space where children can lead and be their best selves. Children have the opportunity to lead their peers.

Serving you in grades 5-12, Future Mountain Movers' Leadership programs provides young people the developmental skills and support system needed  for college and career through efforts like the Game Changers Success Coaching Program and the Thyme 3 Grow Garden Club initiative. 


Camp S.EN.A.H. sessions and events.

Thyme 2 Grow Garden Club is a leadership initiative to expand ag sustainability efforts and increase access to and consumption of healthy food options in communities.

Are you a high school student-athlete with a goal is to play at the Collegiate Level, have a deep desire to increase your Confidence, Taking Charge of your life, Improving your lifestyle and Achieving your DREAMS.

Our Vision: Building great leaders builds better communities.

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